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As mentioned in my previous post, I plan on working on week #1 targets during community bonding period as I've already completed community bonding period's targets.

From the proposal, the targets for week #1 are
Finish writing documentation for current implementation (started already as part of initial contributions) Documentation for the following files has been added (although not merged)
AttributeAttributeIterator Documentation for the following files has yet to be added
BTreeChachedBlockChunkCRCTableDirectoryIteratorExtentAllocatorInodeJournalkernel_interfacesystem_dependenciesUtilityVolume Work done todaySet up this blog and published posts #0 and #1.0Set up my blog on and wrote an introduction post. Opened a pull request for the same Next post

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The purpose of this blog is to document day to day progress of my Google Summer of Code project.

Here is my proposal for improving the btrfs file system.

As written in my proposal, the goals for community bonding period are
Get familiar with the Haiku communityActively involve in irc discussions and mailing listsExplore Haiku’s source and workflowRead documentation As part of initial contributions before GSoC, I've already done all of them. Therefore, I plan on utilizing this community bonding period by working on week #1 tasks.

A note on post titles
I've used a weekly numbering system for the post titles. For example, "Post #1.2" refers to week-1's post-2, "Post #0.x" refers to the xth post of community bonding period etc

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