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I fixed up all the comments mentioned on ticket #1488.

I also got btrfs_shell to work today by applying the patch korli sent. I opened a ticket for the same.

I played around with btrfs-progs today on a file (as suggested by Hy Che). Specifically, I tried
btrfs check : verify integrity of a btrfs filesystem and print related informationbtrfs inspect-internal : a collection of debugging toolstree-stats : print tree statisticsdump-super : get textual information about super blockdump-tree : get textual information about all trees I also started working on a touch command for btrfs_shell, will finish it by tomorrow.

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Today I fixed the issues mentioned on tickets #1491 (Documented BTree class), #1492 (Documented Chunk class), and #1531 (Implemented btrfs_create).

I worked on btrfs_shell. It was causing lots of errors as its Jamfile (and a few other linked files) was not updated after all the recent changes. I was sent a diff file by korli, I patched it and as a consequence was able to spot a few naming errors while trying to build btrfs_shell in my btrfs_create implementation. I fixed them all and added a new patchset on ticket #1531.

Currently, I'm setting up a Ubuntu virtual machine to see if btrfs_shell builds there as my host, ArchLinux, uses different packages.

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Today I continued working on ticket #1531 (implementing btrfs_create). The problem with what I'd written the other day was the I called btrfs_open from btrfs_create, but sometimes btrfs_open can fail (for instance when there is no memory). In such cases, inode should be deleted and this can be difficult to do with an embedded btrfs_open function call. Therefore I implemented btrfs_open's functionality in btrfs_create and deallocated the node whenever there was failure. After this, I uploaded patchset 2.

Today I had some trouble building btrfs_shell and I created an email thread on haiku-development regarding the same.

I also opened ticket for implementing btrfs_write (although I will need some more time to work on it, so I've marked it as WIP). I made my own branch for working on btrfs.

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Today I filled up the evaluation form. Although not required, I'm sharing my answers below as I value openness (well, most of them are available to the mentors anyway).